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Can You Work While Studying Abroad?

Iconic Solutions is a leading and one of the best consultants for studying abroad in Dubai. Suppose you understand that you require to do a part-time job while looking at a foreign university but do not acknowledge where to search. In that case, you will know that most UK or US countries provide global students the chance to work and study abroad. Why not improve your financial condition, cultural awareness, and communication skill by studying abroad, such as in England, Germany, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand?

Distinct landscapes, fascinating landmarks, and historical schools or universities appeal to international students from overall the globe. Studying abroad makes it possible for every student to do a part-time job to benefit them by paying their educational expenses and also giving benefit the local economy. Wherever you are searching to get the best-in-class experience, create a global network, or sip many lattes, doing the job while studying in foreign countries will assist you in achieving all three! The amount you save from working in foreign will also help provide you a resource of income to include more travel funds.

Can You Work While Studying Abroad or Not?

If you are carious: Can you work while studying abroad? The simplest answer to your query is an absolute yes! There are many countries in the United Kingdom and the United States where you can fulfill your academic goals and do a part-time job to meet your living expenses and support your family financially. But studying has many requirements, and it’s a complex method. At Iconic Solutions, we made it very easy for you. In many situations, you have to submit any paperwork to the exact authorities to get a visa.

Here at Iconic Solutions, we offer a wide range of consultant services for students worldwide. Our company generally understands the inside and outs of the admission procedure and visa process. We help you to get exact information because many countries don’t permit students to educate and do part-time jobs, as many others make it almost impossible with much paperwork. Don’t worry! We have created a list of those countries that offer part-time employment for students while studying abroad. Our specialist will also let you know about admission requirements and job opportunities!

At Iconic Solutions, we are a partner with 500+ universities, and here is the list of best countries where you can do part-time jobs and study.


Australia is a well-liked destination for students who are studying and doing part-time jobs in Australian universities. You can get an opportunity of admission to top-notch universities and have a better lifestyle, new culture, and best educational environment. Iconic Solutions will get an Australian study visa and fulfill your academic goals.

You can generally do the part-time job for more than 20 hours a week, and the Australian government allows you to work more than 40 hours a week during holidays or vacation periods.


At Iconic Solutions, the dream of studying abroad in Sweden is impossible. Sweden is full of stunning landscapes, historical universities, cathedrals, and national parks. You can also get a residence permit and permit for a part-time job while studying at the Swedish university.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is each of the most famous places liked by students for each of the countries where you can do a job while studying in UK universities. Iconic Solutions is a partner of UK universities, and the United Kingdom has exceptional unique-quality universities, landmarks, cathedrals, and bundles of job opportunities. You can do the job and educate in the United Kingdom for Undergraduate or Post Graduate courses.

At Iconic Solutions, we find the best choice for your future career. You will take the right course at the perfect type of university and also do job 20 hours a week and 40 hours a week during the holiday periods.

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