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In a rapidly growing world, companies from all over the world looking to hire skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in their related fields and who are also ethically responsive. So studying abroad is a definite benefit for students who want to self-study and grow in their fields. Iconic Solutions, a top education consultants in Dubai, helps find professional opportunities for students. Studying abroad helps to build your career, open up culture exploring opportunities, where you’ll be able to handle your overall situations, and study abroad makes you more independent. Here at Iconic Solutions, we are the leading education consultants in Dubai to assist students who wish to study abroad by guiding them with every step of the procedure. Being a top study abroad consultantsed in UAE, we provide United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hungary, and Turkey. Whether an undergraduate or post-graduate degree program, we aim to provide the best student visa & immigration visa consultancy.

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Bachelor's Degree

From Engineering & Technology to Business and Management leading bachelor's degree programs, let's look at the wide range of bachelor's degrees you can enroll in the world's best universities through Iconic Solutions best education consultants in Dubai.

Master's Degree

From Business & Management to Engineering post-graduate degree program from a respected institution can assist enhance a chance of enrolling in the world's best university through the best study abroad consultants in Dubai. Check out our comprehensive master's program now!

PhD & Doctorates

Many Doctoral and PHDs programs or courses can take three to four years to complete. However, these programs allow you to work in your relevant field and become successful

Graduate Diploma

After completing a bachelor's course, Graduate diplomas will strengthen the job opportunity in your field. Check out top picks of Graduate diplomas through the best education consultants in Dubai.

Why is Iconic Solutions the best study abroad consultants in Dubai?

Iconic Solutions is a certified Education Consultants & Immigration Consultant in Dubai, helping students select a country following their Study foreign aims to exploring a college or university, counseling them with the admission procedure, and assisting them in securing a student visa; we here at Iconic Solutions Education Consultants in Dubai aim to be with you each step of the way. A few reasons stand out different than other study abroad consultants in Dubai:

  • In-depth Student Support
  • High Success Ratio
  • Wide Range of Courses or Degree Programs
  • Student Centric Approach
  • Professional Group of Education Consultants & Immigration Consultants
  • Certified Best Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai

How do we help students for Study Abroad?

Iconic Solutions is a leading Education Consultants or Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai offering Student Visa & Immigration Visa Consultancy services. We can help students by guiding them to choose a university through the best study abroad education consultant in Dubai.

Free Initial Counselling

Here at Iconic Solutions Overseas Education Consultants, we help students choose a suitable country that provides their desired degree programs and align their aim with their choices. Most students are concerned with the financial factor institution standard to which Iconic Solutions in Dubai give the best solution. As a top education consultants in Dubai, we offer free initial counseling and discuss students' career goals and desires.

In addition, our educational consultants in Dubai can give you in-depth detail about the world's top universities.

Fast Processing

Iconic Solutions top study abroad consultants in Dubai, also gives the terms of having a backup strategy for unpredicted problems. Once the students connect with an international education consultants in Dubai, we keep updated with the student application's growth. At Iconic Solutions, we have a group of education consultants who are highly skilled in getting approval for student visas & immigration visas.

Best Study Abroad Dubai Consultation

Studying foreign is one of the major life-changing decisions that international students want to change the direction of their lives and become successful. Iconic Solutions is a top study abroad consultants in Dubai who suggests students take an English proficiency certificate for study abroad. As education consultants in Dubai, we also help the international students know the credit system and just how their several talents can help them in credit transfer as well as credit evaluation. Financial freedom and funded scholarships are always available for students who want to study abroad. We give guidance and assistance to international students to achieve scholarships and financial help to meet their academic goals. Iconic Solutions offer a free consultation. Contact us now!

Visa Information

The visa requirements are different for every country. With the improvement in the student percentage in each university, it has become significant for the student to know about the visa policies. As an education consultants in Dubai, we give in-depth visa information to students who want to study abroad.

Our Study Abroad Consultants in Dubai can help you with student visa processes. Contact us now!

Course Selection

International students mainly select degree programs based on the following:

While each aspect is essential, they have various weights for several students. For one, the scope of the course can be the deciding aspect. For another, the job opportunity could be of absolute importance.

Thus, Iconic Solutions is a top education consultant in Dubai, and we have shortlisted these courses, which help you understand why study abroad? Whether a bachelor’s degree program, in many cases, you have a choice to shift the degree in the second year, but you must understand what course you want to pursue before applying.

As the best study abroad consultants in Dubai, we have detailed information about the available programs with the institutions we partner with. About that, we provide detail on

Iconic Solutions offer counseling and guidance on student visa & immigration visa. Get a free consultation now!


Studying abroad can open up many opportunities for you, including higher education, self-study option, and job opportunity. Studying in the world’s best university to build a career and academic excellence. Additionally, As the best education consultants in Dubai, we have proven experience in getting a student visa. Contact us now!     

It also depends upon which country you are selecting to pursue higher studies and which course suits you. Whether you’re deciding on the USA, UK, Australia, or Germany, these are excellent options. Although, Iconic Solutions is a certified study abroad consultants in Dubai to help you get a study visa without any hurdles.

Initially, you will be required to decide on a country where you want to study, and you have to do in-depth research for the university and course that suits your needs. The iconic solutions is a leading international consultant in UAE; you can freely contact us. 

Every country has various student visa requirements and varies from country to country and from one institution to another. To avoid any hurdles, you must check the university course requirements before applying. In addition, students must give the university an English proficiency certificate of IELTS or TOEFL. We’re an overseas education consultants in UAE that helps you to achieve academic goals. Contact us now!

Usually, most students must submit valid passport copies, bank statements, recommendation letters, curriculum vitae, records of previous education, and IELTS or TOEFL certificates. As the best study abroad consultants in UAE, we offer free consultancy. Contact us now!

It also depends on where you want higher studies. If you wish to move to an English-speaking country like USA, UK, and Australia, then an IELTS or TOEFL score is necessary. Although, if you want to move to a country where English is not the primary language, you must show a proficiency certificate. Iconic Solutions is an educational consultant in UAE. Contact us today!

The expense of studying abroad also depends on where you want to study and which country you’re selecting for higher studies. If you’re moving on a low budget, feel free to contact our consultants.

There’re numerous universities worldwide offering fully-funded and funded scholarships to international students. You’ll explore related detail about the scholarship at the particular university itself. If you need help applying for the world’s best university, we at Iconic Solutions is the best education consultants in Dubai and will be happy to help!  

Financial freedom is necessary if you are studying abroad. If you’re selecting the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, you have a chance of a part-time job in these countries. However, some countries do not allow students to work during their studies. To know more about study abroad opportunities, contact us now!