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Iconic Solutions is a leading Canada immigration consultants or Canada immigration consultancy based in UAE, providing sustainable, results-driven, and effective Dubai to Canada immigration services. Why should choose the best consultant for Canada immigration in Dubai? By selecting us as your Canada immigration consultants, you can get guaranteed success from a team of specialists who are committed to ensuring 100% client satisfaction. At Iconic Solutions, we have a group of dedicated professionals who specialize in a wide range of areas relevant to Canada immigration programs covering Economic Immigration Systems, Canada Express Entry Programs, and PNP Programs. If you are looking for a reliable Canadian Immigration Agency In Dubai, you are at the right place. Book a free consultation with our Canada migration consultant!

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Best consultant for Canada immigration in Dubai

Canada is the most-liked destination by people who want to migrate to Canada from Dubai and worldwide. Moreover, it is a dream place for most people who require a skilled Canada immigration program. That’s because we offer transparent Canada immigration consultancy services. 
250,000+ people migrate to Canada every day to achieve their goals of a perfect lifestyle in Canada. Presently it is one of the best countries for migrants interested in the Canada immigration process. Iconic Solutions is the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai and offer reliable services of immigration to Canada from UAE. 
If you are searching for Canada migration from Dubai, then ensure you get best-in-class assistance from the Best consultant for Canada immigration in Dubai.
Migrate to Canada from Dubai with Iconic Solutions and receive a hurdles-free Canadian immigration process!
Book free initial counseling with Iconic Solutions to apply Canada immigration program or Canada visitor visa and get a guaranteed 100% visa approval today!

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Select Your Canada Immigration Program

Canada Express Entry Program

The express entry program is a hassle-free application for permanent residency in Canada. This program is built for individuals with an exceptional possibility of fulfilling the conditions of IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). This process covers a point-based system to rank migrants based on their skills and qualifications.

Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Canada Provincial Nominee Programs is a federal government system that enables provinces to nominate applicants who are more interested in moving to their dream destination and working in the territory.

Economic Immigration Systems (AIPP/RNIP/MCDII)

The Government provides a wide range of Economic Immigration Systems for people who want to migrate to Canada and looking for higher studies, work, and a better lifestyle. As ICCRC certified best immigration consultants in Dubai, we offer overall Canadian Economic Immigration Systems consultancy.

Why Migrate to Canada From UAE as a Skilled Worker?

The Canadian Government has a national immigration policy that relies on humanitarianism, compassion as well as principles of fairness. These immigration plans invite individuals to migrate to Canada who can improve their economic contribution, have excellent qualifications and skills, have good language skills in English, accommodate into society, and transfer Canadian values.

Visa Categories Services Offered By The Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Skilled Migration Visa

The Canadian Government provides skilled migration visas to people who are skilled workers from several areas of industries and professional best-in-class work in Canada and ensure legal residence.

Investor Visa

Canada is one of the best countries to start work, higher studies, and a new business. That's because this country is the 10th largest economy and is highly rich in organic resources worldwide. Moreover, being the best immigration consultants in Dubai, our professionals will help you get an investor visa.

Student Visa

Canada has continually been the most liked destination for higher studies among Global students. The world's top universities in Canada are prominent for delivering higher-quality education. As a Canada immigration consultancy based in Dubai, we help you migrate to Canada from Dubai.

Canada Working Visa

As per the present situation, student visa holders can get a work visa and do maximum work of 20 hours per week during their studies. Students can work without limit when the degree program is not in session. Furthermore, master's students can work full-time in the doctoral or research program.

Visit Visa

The Federal Government allows tourists or foreign nationals to visit this country temporarily, which can be due to several reasons like business conferences, family visits, holidays, or tourism.

Benefits of Migrating to Canada

One of the crucial reliable aspects of immigration is the best Canadian government facilities such as education, health care, and transport. It is simple for a migrant to take advantage opportunity of Citizenship and settle in this country after three years. 

Work and educate in any Canadian territory

Take advantage of Canadian Rights

Sponsor your family to join you in Canada

Free education opportunities for children

Earn in Dollars

Healthcare advantages

Relocate in the fewer period

Secure under Canadian law

Canadian passport enables immigrants to travel free in 172 countries. Any person will visit Canada by applying for a tourist visa. Get a visit visa from Dubai with the assistance of the best consultant for Canada immigration in Dubai.

Those with years of experience are qualified to apply and move to Canada under this immigration process. It is the best chance for those people who are looking to work and settle in Canada. At Iconic Solutions, we support migrants to apply quickly as we are one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai.

Canada Immigration Process

Leading Canada Immigration Consultancy

Iconic Solutions is the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE. Our Company has offices in Dubai & Pakistan. Our primary aim is to provide the leading Canada immigration consultancy to ensure professional, transparent, and effective Canada immigration consultants services.

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Any skilled worker who wants to move to Canada for a related field can migrate to Canada from UAE, register through our website, and start the immigration process.

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After you have registered online on our site, Our Canada immigration consultants will call you back within 30 minutes. Iconic Solution offer guaranteed Canada migration from Dubai. Book a free consultation!

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Our Canada migration specialist will provide you a free assessment by knowing you every step of the way and process how you can start with the Canada immigration process.

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Being a Canada migration consultants, we provide a hassle-free signup process. Just use our online payment system to start your procedure more quickly.

Documentation & Submission

Iconic Solutions is a Canada immigration consultancy based in Dubai with a dedicated team of skilled visa officers who aim to submit your document and start the overall process. We will help in every step of your migration to Canada from Dubai.

Visa Filing upon Nomination

Once you get the nomination for the visa, our migration consultant will ensure to file the visa and complete the other formalities. After that, you have to wait for the final acceptance.

Post-landing Services

Our Canada immigration consultants in UAE will give your pre-landing services. Iconic Solutions is the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai that will help you until you reach Canada.

Get Ready to Fly

Just signup with the Canada immigration consultancy. We are one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE. Book a free consultation!

Eligibility Criterions for Canada Immigration Programs

  • Applicants must have significant experience in their related fields listed under NOC.
  • Language skills in English or French must require.
  • The age limit for Canadian immigration is between the ages of 18 to 47.
  • Individuals must be capable of showing the bank statement or enough funds to support themselves.
  • The skilled person must have one year of experience in their related industry.

The Immigrant should have 67/100 points to be qualified for Canada skilled immigration program.

Advantage From The Canada Immigration Consultancy Based in Dubai

At Iconic Solutions, we have a team of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai who specialize in assisting skilled workers in securing a Canadian visa to permit them to work in the country or become successful. We are the best consultant for Canada immigration in Dubai. We provide a sustainable and cost-efficient service to assist your Canada immigration from UAE most simply and possibly.

What to Expect After Getting Our Canada Immigration Consultancy Services in UAE?

Iconic Solutions offer full-scale Canada migration from Dubai services which cover the following:

  • Helping applicants in choosing the best visa for Canada migration from Dubai
  • Offering you results-driven legal advice on your skilled immigration process
  • Assisting you in completing the overall required forms altogether to avoid rejection of your application
  • Assessment of comprehensive documentation relevant to your Canada immigration program
  • Make sure that you have a stress-free Canadian immigration process

How Can Our IRCC Certified Canada Immigration Consultants Help You?

The immigration procedure can be complicated without the help of the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, and with the assistance of Iconic Solutions, you can secure a Canadian visa. Our Canada immigration consultants cannot compromise on your procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about hidden charges that other Canada immigration agencies mostly ask you after the final approval. We have devoted Canada immigration consultants that are highly skilled and qualified in the industry of immigration. Thus, make sure that you are continually aware of your opportunities and thoroughly informed of the whole application procedure.


Being the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, we aim to assist you in knowing the essential process and requirements, so you can make your strategy to migrate to Canada from UAE and Dubai without any hurdles. Iconic Solutions is a certified Canada immigration consultant who always keeps updated with the new details regarding immigration policies and processes. If you have any queries, feel free to contact our Canada immigration agency in Dubai. Our group of Canada immigration consultants always be happy to help you get a Canadian visa. If you are looking for the best Immigration consultants in Dubai, Contact us today for free initial counseling!


Why Iconic Solutions for Canada Immigration?

Being the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai, we uncover the best strategies when dealing with customers, empowering a legal approach in our service, creating a border task of shared worth, as well as incorporating constructive dialogue. Our Company has been in this field for a decade, so we understand the visa requirements of overall schemes and countries. Moreover, we are continually updated on changes in immigration policies and regulations. We are committed to delivering the essential services we discussed during the profile analysis procedure, helping you get the visa application acceptance.

To make respect for our customers. We establish a point to cover the most influential professionals in overall dealings, from keeping our deals to documenting each conversation on emails for long-lasting tracking. At Iconic Solutions, we guarantee the proven results of all details efficiently given to you. Being the best Canada immigration consultant in Dubai, we help you to migrate to Canada from Dubai. Schedule a free consultation now!

Dedicated Team

Iconic Solutions dedicated team aim to deliver quality services.

Great Support

We offer support to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making the procedure stress-free.


Iconic Solutions is the ICCRC-registered Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to apply for Canadian Citizenship, you must:

  • Permanent residency
  • Spend three years in Canada
  • Pass a test on responsibilities, knowledge, and rights
  • Have filed your taxes, if important
  • Prove our language skills

It's much easier to get a job in Canada after with a PR visa. Although, you should have a tremendous social network profile and a solid CV to improve your opportunities in the competitive job industry.

Every province, as well as territory, has its own rules and requirements for skilled workers. For example, mainly a program stream target students, workers, business persons, and multiple skilled workers.

Applying for PNP relies on which program you're applying for. The essential requirement is to apply to the express entry procedure. In addition, the applicant must pass a medical test and a police examination despite where they plan to live in Canada.

Permanent resident visas might be issued to Quebec and skilled federal workers, applicants who studied in Canada, provincial nominees, and business people as per Canada's economic immigration types. In addition, Canadian citizens' permanent residents or close family persons might be issued Canadian immigration visas with family sponsorship. At last, the authorities can give the PR visas to qualified members.

Applicants in the express entry program who get improved nomination from a territory are awarded 600 points per the comprehensive ranking system, out of 1200 points. When these extra points are added to a skills and applicant's human capital points, it will consequence in an invitation to apply for PR at a draw from the express entry pool. On the condition that applicants allow entering the express entry pool instead of applying in the collection and then nominated by a territory or be nominated by the province before accomplishing an online express entry profile as well as entering the express entry pool.

The Canadian Business Class is a type of community with Canadian Immigration as per which people with business experience and consequently large net-worth might qualify for a permanent resident visa. There're three subgroups of the business class: Self-Employed people, Immigrant investors, and entrepreneurs.

If you want to migrate to Canada, the documents require immigration Citizenship Canada (IRRC), refugee application forms, qualification-relevant and profile documentation such as identity card, passport, birth certificate, etc. In addition, you require to submit a document that proves your identity and business verification and the document of the proof of your net worth.

Applicants should be 18 years of age at the time of applying process, and for those candidates who are below 18 years, their applications can be made by the parent or guardian having Canadian PR. The candidate must have lived in Canada for 3+ years. Certification in English or French while these are both official languages. The application should not have a criminal record.

Age is one of the main aspects that calculate points as per the CRS. Age is worth 100+ points for every candidate or 100 points for an applicant with a common-law companion. The top points are age are rewarded to the applicant between 20 and 30. Applicants are no longer rewarded moments later than the age of 45, as they might still be qualified to submit an express entry profile and can get an invitation to apply for CRS (Canadian Permanent Residence) on behalf of the scores as per another aspect.

  • IELTS certificate or Language proficiency in English
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Profile development on ITA-invitation to apply on the previous qualification
  • Documents of NOC CODE
  • Get ITA to submit a file
  • Medical tests offer documents needed by the Government
  • Visa stamping

To meet the requirements and apply as a sponsor, the candidate must show the financial ability for the crucial requirements of the sponsored persons. For example, the member who needs sponsorship is the common-law partner, and the spouse is the dependent child of the Canadian sponsor.